Sunday, August 23, 2009

..more about me?..

First thing first, I would like to share to all my readers what I love the most, and what I hate the most, talk about what will I do to handle my stress and to overcome boredom in my own way.
1) Karaoke?
All my family love to sing. Even though we sing out of tune, we will always spent our time with gathering and singing in our own house. As you all know, through singing will help to reduce stress strictly. This is one of the reason why I love to sing.
2) Music music music
All my day will fill up with a lot of music. I love to listen to the music a lot. It will make me calm and make me feel great. Slow rock, reggae, and RnB is the type of music that I always hear to. Most of the music are independent band that is top of the list nowadays.
3) Injured?
I have face a lot of injury when I was at the secondary school. Playing handball and hockey as a school representative involve a high risk of injury. As for me, broken leg and even crash 2 of my backbone is a injury that i has faced because of actively involve in school activity. Luckily, I'm here today, and already recovered from that injury.
4) Hairstyle
I always do my friends and my family a free hair cut as my practice to become a professional hairstyle. To open and operate my own hair saloon is my dream in the future. At first, they afraid to do their hair cut, but after they experienced my work, they will find me and ask, "Lina, will you cut my hair?".
5) Chinese or Malay?
I am not Chinese, because I have a dark skin colour. So, I am Malay. That is what will I told to everyone who asked me this kind of question. I do have a small eye, that confuse anyone who did not know me well. The truth is my grandfather at my mother's side is a Chinese, while my grandmother also in my mother's side is half Arabian and Pakistan. So, this is me.
6) Chocolate!
It is everyone favourite especially girls. So do me. A large bar of Cadbury Black forest will keep me far away from any kind of problems surround me. So, it is a good present for me.
7) Collection?
Yes, I do have my sentimental value. Diary is my biggest number of collection and it does give me a sentimental value. As for now, I already has 7 books of diary. Through writing all happens to me or around me is the way I express myself. It can be the sadness in my life, and it also can be a joy in my life. It will make me release because book can kept my secret. Book is a very good company.
8) Good friends
I think the answer is double no. But I will always dying try to help my friends when they are in trouble. Sometimes, I always been scolded with my mom just because I am trying to fulfill what my friends desire. But I know I am not the best friends ever and I always hope to be better in friendship.
9) No cockroach!
Double no to cockroach. It is an insects that i hate the most. I would not try to move when I see a cockroach playing on the floor, unless when there is someone move it away.
10) Pets
Cat is one of my pets that I love to take care of. Having Dino's and Daisy's as my pet always make me relax and always make my day fill up with joy. I love to watch Dino's and Daisy's behaviour. Dino's is a slow motion cat. while Daisy's is a super energetic cat. But now, as I am here studying at Segamat, my mum send them to my friends house because there is no one will take care of them accept me.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

..Lovely classmate..

As a studying person, we will always have a classmate. What is classmate? Classmate is a group of people in the same subject or class. As for me, my current classmate is about 15 people. This blog entry is all about my classmate and I will describe them one by one.

1) Jabbar

As what I notice from him that now he is close with Adib. They will go to class together. He is a quiet person, but love to smile. Every time I saw him, he will give a sweet smile. Even he is a quiet person, sometimes he will make joke that can make all of us laugh.

2) Kochak

At first, he kind a quiet and nerdy person. Eventually, all my first thought is wrong. His kind a funny person. There is a lot of story to share with him. He has an asthmatic symptom that affects him a lot because of his bad habit. I hope that he able to manage his bad habit for his own sake.

3) Haris

SR is his current college for this semester. He always comes to class with his best friend, Sabirin. He has a good looking face. Though we have not talked to each other much, but I know that he is a good person. Even sometimes he kind of rude when he talk.

4) Sabirin

Stay in the same college as Haris, he also always go to class with him. They kind a close friend as what can I see so far. He is a soft spoken and a kind hearted person. Likes to help people when they stuck in a problem.

5) Adib

A handsome boy that attract everyone. Since in the first semester that I know him, I realize that he has change a lot. As what I remember, Adib is a shy and a quiet person. But now, he has a confident and likes to talk and make funny things in the class. I think he can be a very good entertainer soon.

6) Akmal Hakim

Genius. Best word describes him. He has a really good CGPA for this 2 semester. Even he is intelligent, he is not an arrogant person. Willing and able to teach anyone is one of the reasons why I really like to be friends with him. Learn from him will help me to improve myself. Akmal, u has a great smile!

1) Izzaty

She is my ex classmate when I was in my secondary school at Kajang. I was so surprise when I meet her in Segamat. All of sudden, we are so close with my other 2 close friends. She always be there whenever I face a problem. I love all my best friends.

2) It's me! Seri.

3) Sakina

Nur Sakinah bt Noordin is the name one of my best friends. She has a very soft face. Able to make my entire friends laugh. For someone who did not know her, they will thinks that Kina is a shy and quiet person. But they will be surprise when they know her behavior.

4) Liyana Atiqah

She is one of my best friends. I love to be friends with her. She likes to laugh and tell story. She stays at Zamrud college. She lives at Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. She is the only one of my friends that wearing a spectacles.

5) Ayu

Suite with her name “Ayu”. She has really soft faces that make me like to look at her. Soft spoken and easily be disturbed by loud sound. She is close with Zaty.

6) Zaty

Stay at Sri Manja Kini, same like Ayu. They always go to class together. She has a small face and wearing spectacles. She loves to smile.

7) Fatimah

She is close with Atiqah since Atiqah move here. This is because they live at the same sector, which is sector A. It will make them easier to study together. She also is a kindhearted person. Willing to teach who ever ask a question to her.

8) Fara Wahida

I know her since we were in part 1. She is a free hair girl in my class. As for me, she is a one man standing because she can go to class or anywhere alone. Independent in making decision.

9) Amirah

She is new student in our class. She has a long and wavy hair. Though she is new to me, but I know that she is a kind hearted person because she loves to smile.

10) Atiqah

She also a new students in my class. She transfers from UiTM Sarawak. She has a very fair face. Soft spoken and easy going is one of her attitude that makes me likes to be friends with her.

...My subjects...

Each semester, I have to learn new subject. The code that and the name of the subject even often change every semester. This third semester, there is some new subject that different from the second semester, such as FIN 262, QMT 216, while others is the last subject that I have to take for this semester. This current semester also allowed me and all the Banking’s students to choose two options of languages that are whether Mandarin language or Arab language, therefore, I rather choose Arab language. I wonder how to manage my time with this 6 subject for only 13 week.

CTU 241

Is teaching by Ustaz Kamarul Zaman Bin Sulaiman. You can always come and as a consultation hour at block A, room number 117. From his story, he has been a lecturer for about 23 years as now he is 48 years old. Sharing his experience is what he must do while he giving his lecture. He has a very sweet smile that makes other classmate and me love to come his class.

BEL 311

Sir Izuan bin Ismail is the name of lecturer that teach BEL 311 subject for this semester. At first, when I saw his face and his attitude, he has an arrogant face, even when he talks. But after a few times I have attended his class, I know, he always wanted the best for his student. He also does cherish his student when I saw his blog said that “welcome D3D1 and D3D2 students”. It shows that he is a very welcoming person. Perfect without any mistakes is one of the important Principe that he always do and adapt to all his student.

FIN 262

Wan Asma Hanim bt Wan Mustapha is my first ladies lecturer that we meet for the first week of class. As for me, she has a soft face look, and even a soft spoken person. When she teaches us, there is no anger. It make me love to be in her class, because of her way of teach too. Teaching us one by one slowly is her ways to make all of us know and really understand about a topic that she teaches. Finance is one of the hardest subjects that I have to take for this semester. So, I wish that I can score more for this subject.

QMT 216

This subject is new to me. Teach by Associated Professor Ruhana bt Zainuddin helps me a lot. Now, I know how to calculate, draw and sketch graph eventually. Even at first, I kind a hate this subject, after I have attend her class, I have a knowledge that now I always wanted to learn more and memorize all the formula. She always reminds us to be a university student that does not depends only to lecturer.

BAB 101

Teach by Ustaz Rozman Abdullah make me more curious to learn more about Al-Quran language. I can know all the meaning in Al-Quran when I start reading it. It can make me feel and inspire more with the advice or knowledge in the Al-Quran. When he attends his class, it will always filled with joyness and laughter. I love to attend his class. I really like to see his face, because he has the same look like my favourite artist band, the vocalist of Spider band.

ECO 211

Last but not least, Puan Zarina that teaches macroeconomic for my class in this semester. She is funny and even scary. I like her way of teach. Teaching and telling story is her way of teaching. By the time she become serious, we have to be serious as her too. She is a talkative person and try hard to make us understand what is her teach.

For this current semester, I always wanted to be better than last semester. Therefore, I need to work hard, and face all the hardship to get the best. There is always need a rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.

..How does it feel to be a senior?..

Senior? What is senior? According to dictionary, senior can easily defined as someone that having a higher position, level or rank. Others defined senior as a student in their last year of high school. But there is many type of senior, such as senior citizen (someone over 60 years old/ retired), and senior school (secondary school student). As a part 3 student at UiTM Segamat, Johor, it can be best described that I am having my seniority time. How does it feel to be a senior?

Become a senior in any kind of place especially universities is not easy. This is because we have to face a lot of problem and have to face it maturedly. Besides, to lead and guide fresh junior is not a as simple like we always imagine. First, I thought that I would not involve in any kind of program that involve me to lead the junior, but I have to do it. It is hard for me because I do not like to teach other person, especially someone who is younger than me. Then, I realize that to be a good senior, I always has to guide them, and teach them how to adapt in universities life.

To respect and to be respect is the best feeling that I felt when I become a senior. This is because, usually universities junior or even others has been thought to respect senior. It is not like bullying, but respect everyone boundaries. Not everyone likes to play around all the times, so they have to suite with this kind of situation. We all know, respect and to be kind are so important to make people like to be friends with us. And that’s what I do.

However, there is still a lot of pressure when I become a senior, the higher level I reach, more pressure and problems that I have to face. That always makes me feel like quitting from studying because I do not like to pressure myself. Thanks to everyone around me, without their support, I think I will lose one of the best things in my life, which is to become a senior!