Tuesday, October 27, 2009

..It is my perception..

The last entry..
Now, it is the time for me and also my friends to struggle and try to get the best result for this sememster. This is my final entry for my blog (currently for assignment). Lets talk about my perception and hope for all the subject in this semester which is BEL 311, FIN 262, QMT 216, CTU 241, ECO 211 AND BAB 101.

BEL 311
Lecturer name : Sir Izuan Bin Ismail

Way of Teaching : Focus on wtriting (this blog entry) , term paper, spelling and speaking.

What I like in his class : He always wanted a perfect work, and that makes me be more careful and try harder to get a perfect work with a perfect marks.

Hope : Manage to get A's in this subject because I have learn all the tips that given.

FIN 262
Lecturer name : Miss Wan Asma Hanim Wan Mustapha

Ways of Teaching : Tell the objectives of each syllabus, teach and guide us step by step until of us understand.

What I like in her class : She is a softspoken person, so we did not afraid to ask a question to her.

Hope : I wanted to get A's in this subject, but I know my ability in calculation subject. I have to work hard and try harder to get A's for this subject.

QMT 216
Lecturer name : Associated Professor Ruhana Zainuddin.

Ways of Teaching : Tells and teach us step by step especially when it comes in calculation.

What I like in her class : This is one of the calculation subject, therefore I always pay attention in the class. She also love to tell story and makes our class is not the stressful class.

Hope : I am able to pass and even get a better grade for this subject.

CTU 241
Lecturer name : Ustaz Kamarul Zaman Sulaiman

Ways of Teaching : Slide show and presentation

What I like in his class : He love to tell story about his experience. He let all of us do presentation to get us know and understand about the syllabus.

Hope : I can success this subject because it involve our religion and faithful of Islam.

ECO 211
Lecturer Name : Miss Zarina Denan

Ways of Teaching : Story telling and calculation.

What I like in her class : Always make all of our class laugh. The way of teaching is fun and I'm able to focus in her class.

Hope : Pass without failure. I'm afraid of repeating a subject.

BAB 101
Lecturer Name : Ustazah Nur Aini Ariffin

Ways of Teaching : Story telling, vocabulary, meaning and exercise.

What I like in her class : Unformal class. We can laugh together. So, it is the class wit a lot of funny things.

Hope : I am able to past and even get a better grade.

Last but not least, thanks to all of my lecturer. This semester is the semester that full with stress and I have to get ready with any possibility. Finally, I manage to learn and gain knowledge until the end of this third semester. Without my lecturer effort to put me up, I am barely able to do all of the assignment given. Thank you and all of your bless are needed when answering my final examination paper later. I was hoping that all of my lecturer will remembered me, so do I.

And to all of my D3D1 and D3D2 friends, good luck for this final. Wishing you all the best and it is time to struggle!

Hari Raya eve

Check this out..

List of the dishes for Hari Raya:

Rendang, ketupat, lemang, sambal udang, otak-otak, and urap.

This is the dishes that you can eat while visiting my home town. I can't stand eating once and I will eat it a lot until my stomach is fulled.

Hari Raya, is the winning day for all of Muslim in the world. Usually, Hari Raya will be held with lots of joy and happiness. Muslims will wear a very new and elegance Baju Kurung and BajuMelayu, cook a various dishes. Hari Raya also is the day where all of the family members will gather and laugh together. There will be no other day that is filled with happiness than HariRaya. That is he reason why I love when it comes Aidilfitri. We can play talk, laugh and even cook together with all of my family members. It is usually hard for me to spend my time with all of my family members. This is because I have a busy parents, they will only come back home at night, while both of my brothers working and living in their own house. We rarely see each other. With Hari Raya, we can spend much longer time to keep our relationship as one big family closer.

As for me, I always waiting of this Hari Raya eves because it will be the day that my family and I keep it as a valuable memories. We had a good memories every time during Hari Raya. My family is so crucial for me. I can't manage to study here without their support. Therefore, through Hari Raya, our relationship will be more closer, and that is the thing that I love the most during Hari Raya.

Childhood Memories of Ramadahan

Ramadhan? Yes! This is the first words that came out in my mouth when I know that after Ramadhan, it will be Hari Raya eve, and I can collect a lot of money in Hari Raya. But I did not know that all Muslim will hold their desire to eat and drink, and even from listening and talking bad. This is my childhood memories of Ramadhan that I will share to all the readers.

"Lina, wake up! Come, lets eat". My mom wake me up, and I was so sleepy at that time. It is still 4.30 a.m. and I wonder why my mom cooks and ask everybody to wake up that early. "Lina, eat!", mom added. I asked my mom, "Ma, why should we eat this early?" and everybody look at me and said "fasting!". Now I get it, and I am only 6 years old at that time. It is the first experience of fasting.I felt like giving up, but I did not do so because my mom said that if I break my fast, then, I can't eat together when all of my family break the fast.

When I was at 7 years old, I started to go to school as standards 1 student. And as I remembered, we had to fast at school. One day, my teachers ask. " Are you fasting today?", and all the students say yes except me. And a naive Lina shows everyone in the class a bottle of drinks that I brought from home. All of my friends laugh at me. I felt so shame and start crying. Starting from that day, I try to fast without skip in Ramadhan.

There is a lot of memories that I wanted to shared with you. But it seems only a few that I can tell you now. Thanks for the time that you have spend while reading my blog entry. I know, everyone has their own memories of Ramadhan, and this is mine.