Sunday, August 16, 2009

...My subjects...

Each semester, I have to learn new subject. The code that and the name of the subject even often change every semester. This third semester, there is some new subject that different from the second semester, such as FIN 262, QMT 216, while others is the last subject that I have to take for this semester. This current semester also allowed me and all the Banking’s students to choose two options of languages that are whether Mandarin language or Arab language, therefore, I rather choose Arab language. I wonder how to manage my time with this 6 subject for only 13 week.

CTU 241

Is teaching by Ustaz Kamarul Zaman Bin Sulaiman. You can always come and as a consultation hour at block A, room number 117. From his story, he has been a lecturer for about 23 years as now he is 48 years old. Sharing his experience is what he must do while he giving his lecture. He has a very sweet smile that makes other classmate and me love to come his class.

BEL 311

Sir Izuan bin Ismail is the name of lecturer that teach BEL 311 subject for this semester. At first, when I saw his face and his attitude, he has an arrogant face, even when he talks. But after a few times I have attended his class, I know, he always wanted the best for his student. He also does cherish his student when I saw his blog said that “welcome D3D1 and D3D2 students”. It shows that he is a very welcoming person. Perfect without any mistakes is one of the important Principe that he always do and adapt to all his student.

FIN 262

Wan Asma Hanim bt Wan Mustapha is my first ladies lecturer that we meet for the first week of class. As for me, she has a soft face look, and even a soft spoken person. When she teaches us, there is no anger. It make me love to be in her class, because of her way of teach too. Teaching us one by one slowly is her ways to make all of us know and really understand about a topic that she teaches. Finance is one of the hardest subjects that I have to take for this semester. So, I wish that I can score more for this subject.

QMT 216

This subject is new to me. Teach by Associated Professor Ruhana bt Zainuddin helps me a lot. Now, I know how to calculate, draw and sketch graph eventually. Even at first, I kind a hate this subject, after I have attend her class, I have a knowledge that now I always wanted to learn more and memorize all the formula. She always reminds us to be a university student that does not depends only to lecturer.

BAB 101

Teach by Ustaz Rozman Abdullah make me more curious to learn more about Al-Quran language. I can know all the meaning in Al-Quran when I start reading it. It can make me feel and inspire more with the advice or knowledge in the Al-Quran. When he attends his class, it will always filled with joyness and laughter. I love to attend his class. I really like to see his face, because he has the same look like my favourite artist band, the vocalist of Spider band.

ECO 211

Last but not least, Puan Zarina that teaches macroeconomic for my class in this semester. She is funny and even scary. I like her way of teach. Teaching and telling story is her way of teaching. By the time she become serious, we have to be serious as her too. She is a talkative person and try hard to make us understand what is her teach.

For this current semester, I always wanted to be better than last semester. Therefore, I need to work hard, and face all the hardship to get the best. There is always need a rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.

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