Sunday, August 23, 2009

..more about me?..

First thing first, I would like to share to all my readers what I love the most, and what I hate the most, talk about what will I do to handle my stress and to overcome boredom in my own way.
1) Karaoke?
All my family love to sing. Even though we sing out of tune, we will always spent our time with gathering and singing in our own house. As you all know, through singing will help to reduce stress strictly. This is one of the reason why I love to sing.
2) Music music music
All my day will fill up with a lot of music. I love to listen to the music a lot. It will make me calm and make me feel great. Slow rock, reggae, and RnB is the type of music that I always hear to. Most of the music are independent band that is top of the list nowadays.
3) Injured?
I have face a lot of injury when I was at the secondary school. Playing handball and hockey as a school representative involve a high risk of injury. As for me, broken leg and even crash 2 of my backbone is a injury that i has faced because of actively involve in school activity. Luckily, I'm here today, and already recovered from that injury.
4) Hairstyle
I always do my friends and my family a free hair cut as my practice to become a professional hairstyle. To open and operate my own hair saloon is my dream in the future. At first, they afraid to do their hair cut, but after they experienced my work, they will find me and ask, "Lina, will you cut my hair?".
5) Chinese or Malay?
I am not Chinese, because I have a dark skin colour. So, I am Malay. That is what will I told to everyone who asked me this kind of question. I do have a small eye, that confuse anyone who did not know me well. The truth is my grandfather at my mother's side is a Chinese, while my grandmother also in my mother's side is half Arabian and Pakistan. So, this is me.
6) Chocolate!
It is everyone favourite especially girls. So do me. A large bar of Cadbury Black forest will keep me far away from any kind of problems surround me. So, it is a good present for me.
7) Collection?
Yes, I do have my sentimental value. Diary is my biggest number of collection and it does give me a sentimental value. As for now, I already has 7 books of diary. Through writing all happens to me or around me is the way I express myself. It can be the sadness in my life, and it also can be a joy in my life. It will make me release because book can kept my secret. Book is a very good company.
8) Good friends
I think the answer is double no. But I will always dying try to help my friends when they are in trouble. Sometimes, I always been scolded with my mom just because I am trying to fulfill what my friends desire. But I know I am not the best friends ever and I always hope to be better in friendship.
9) No cockroach!
Double no to cockroach. It is an insects that i hate the most. I would not try to move when I see a cockroach playing on the floor, unless when there is someone move it away.
10) Pets
Cat is one of my pets that I love to take care of. Having Dino's and Daisy's as my pet always make me relax and always make my day fill up with joy. I love to watch Dino's and Daisy's behaviour. Dino's is a slow motion cat. while Daisy's is a super energetic cat. But now, as I am here studying at Segamat, my mum send them to my friends house because there is no one will take care of them accept me.

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