Sunday, August 16, 2009

..Lovely classmate..

As a studying person, we will always have a classmate. What is classmate? Classmate is a group of people in the same subject or class. As for me, my current classmate is about 15 people. This blog entry is all about my classmate and I will describe them one by one.

1) Jabbar

As what I notice from him that now he is close with Adib. They will go to class together. He is a quiet person, but love to smile. Every time I saw him, he will give a sweet smile. Even he is a quiet person, sometimes he will make joke that can make all of us laugh.

2) Kochak

At first, he kind a quiet and nerdy person. Eventually, all my first thought is wrong. His kind a funny person. There is a lot of story to share with him. He has an asthmatic symptom that affects him a lot because of his bad habit. I hope that he able to manage his bad habit for his own sake.

3) Haris

SR is his current college for this semester. He always comes to class with his best friend, Sabirin. He has a good looking face. Though we have not talked to each other much, but I know that he is a good person. Even sometimes he kind of rude when he talk.

4) Sabirin

Stay in the same college as Haris, he also always go to class with him. They kind a close friend as what can I see so far. He is a soft spoken and a kind hearted person. Likes to help people when they stuck in a problem.

5) Adib

A handsome boy that attract everyone. Since in the first semester that I know him, I realize that he has change a lot. As what I remember, Adib is a shy and a quiet person. But now, he has a confident and likes to talk and make funny things in the class. I think he can be a very good entertainer soon.

6) Akmal Hakim

Genius. Best word describes him. He has a really good CGPA for this 2 semester. Even he is intelligent, he is not an arrogant person. Willing and able to teach anyone is one of the reasons why I really like to be friends with him. Learn from him will help me to improve myself. Akmal, u has a great smile!

1) Izzaty

She is my ex classmate when I was in my secondary school at Kajang. I was so surprise when I meet her in Segamat. All of sudden, we are so close with my other 2 close friends. She always be there whenever I face a problem. I love all my best friends.

2) It's me! Seri.

3) Sakina

Nur Sakinah bt Noordin is the name one of my best friends. She has a very soft face. Able to make my entire friends laugh. For someone who did not know her, they will thinks that Kina is a shy and quiet person. But they will be surprise when they know her behavior.

4) Liyana Atiqah

She is one of my best friends. I love to be friends with her. She likes to laugh and tell story. She stays at Zamrud college. She lives at Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. She is the only one of my friends that wearing a spectacles.

5) Ayu

Suite with her name “Ayu”. She has really soft faces that make me like to look at her. Soft spoken and easily be disturbed by loud sound. She is close with Zaty.

6) Zaty

Stay at Sri Manja Kini, same like Ayu. They always go to class together. She has a small face and wearing spectacles. She loves to smile.

7) Fatimah

She is close with Atiqah since Atiqah move here. This is because they live at the same sector, which is sector A. It will make them easier to study together. She also is a kindhearted person. Willing to teach who ever ask a question to her.

8) Fara Wahida

I know her since we were in part 1. She is a free hair girl in my class. As for me, she is a one man standing because she can go to class or anywhere alone. Independent in making decision.

9) Amirah

She is new student in our class. She has a long and wavy hair. Though she is new to me, but I know that she is a kind hearted person because she loves to smile.

10) Atiqah

She also a new students in my class. She transfers from UiTM Sarawak. She has a very fair face. Soft spoken and easy going is one of her attitude that makes me likes to be friends with her.