Thursday, September 3, 2009

..bE own my own..

Genre: slow rock, pop rock, independent
Artist: Blak tulip
Title: ..Be own my own..
1) Path of life
Life is meaningful,
filled with happiness,
filled with sad,
we have to cherish all of the memory,
cherish it,
in the life full of joy,
filled with meanings,
smile, smile,
smile for all of the day,
smile with courages,
make this short life full with devotion,
proud with life,
experience the best,
in path of life.
2) Night to dream
At night I'm dreaming,
ohh with a star,
I was singing alone,
I saw you staring at me,
and love starts to spark,
come deep into my heart,
At night I saw a bucket of flower,
it smells make me fly away,
I can't bear to avoid you,
dear you are now far away from me,
I keep dreaming about you,
like moon spread his lght,
ohh wind,
please make our dream come true.
3) Hearts
No need any explaination,
I know how do you feel,
your potrait is everywhere,
tell me,
your problem?
let me feel what you feel,
its now crystal clear,
both of us love each other,
I let you fly,
and now my day filled with your smile,
it won't come back,
and I promise,
I won't go.
4) Love without rules
There is no regardness,
I can't stay without you,
even at the end,
that I have to let you go,
I know you can't see,
how deep is my love,
until there is no reason for you to leave your loyalty to me,
in the name of love,
I will represent my heart just for you,
honesty in every single of my breath,
I will let my frustrated heart,
just for your happiness,
because in real love,
there will no rules.
5) Waiting
I hope that you will understand,
try to be brave now,
our love is beeing tested,
brave against all odds,
I know you will able if we trusted each other,
for ever and ever,
I believe that you are the only one for me,
I believe that you will come in my dreams,
you are the best for me,
and I will always wait for you,
even as your friends.

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