Sunday, September 13, 2009


Dear diary,
Today is my lucky day.
This is my favourite. I love to write diary or journal. I can write what is going on in my daily routine. I will always kept something to be shared in my diary. I know, by writing what I felt everyday is the only way for me to express my emotion. If I were in sad, I will wrote in my diary sadly, and if I am happy, I will write it happily.
Diary. It gives a lot of people in the world a new hope. Why did I said so? This is because diary is the best accompany to a person, especially me. I can tell what that I'm dissatisfied without limit. I can release my tension in my diary. There's said that books never reveals the truth. I think I am strongly agreed with this statement. The one and only one who knows my deepest secret in my diary is me.
I love to wrote a diary because I don't like to scold people, and when I am angry, I will let the diary know how anger am I. Even though I love to laugh, but there is still a tiny little heart with a lot of sensitiveness. Everyone knows that. Maybe I don't like to share all my problems to other people. There is a lot of dishonest people out there, and as a precaution step, I will rather write a diary than telling people what I felt.
Thus, diary is the best friends for me, and my thoughts is diary will always be the shoulder for me to cry on, a mountain for to scream aloud, and a funfair for me to enjoy myself.

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