Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hari Raya eve

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List of the dishes for Hari Raya:

Rendang, ketupat, lemang, sambal udang, otak-otak, and urap.

This is the dishes that you can eat while visiting my home town. I can't stand eating once and I will eat it a lot until my stomach is fulled.

Hari Raya, is the winning day for all of Muslim in the world. Usually, Hari Raya will be held with lots of joy and happiness. Muslims will wear a very new and elegance Baju Kurung and BajuMelayu, cook a various dishes. Hari Raya also is the day where all of the family members will gather and laugh together. There will be no other day that is filled with happiness than HariRaya. That is he reason why I love when it comes Aidilfitri. We can play talk, laugh and even cook together with all of my family members. It is usually hard for me to spend my time with all of my family members. This is because I have a busy parents, they will only come back home at night, while both of my brothers working and living in their own house. We rarely see each other. With Hari Raya, we can spend much longer time to keep our relationship as one big family closer.

As for me, I always waiting of this Hari Raya eves because it will be the day that my family and I keep it as a valuable memories. We had a good memories every time during Hari Raya. My family is so crucial for me. I can't manage to study here without their support. Therefore, through Hari Raya, our relationship will be more closer, and that is the thing that I love the most during Hari Raya.

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